Terms & Conditions

Conditions of use for elements from the Chasidish-Plus website.
  1. The conditions of use appearing on the Chasidish-Plus website detail the rights of use for the products sold on the website, comprise the customer’s agreement regarding them, and personally obligate one who purchases elements and/or the company employing him or her that has appointed him or her to purchase elements on their behalf.
  2. Any deviation from these conditions impinges copyrights and may serve as a reason for a din Torah or a lawsuit. It is hereby clarified that any material displayed on the website, including pictures and/or texts etc., requires payment.
  3. Those holding a legal and valid user license may use the elements in any field and subject to this user license, and as follows: the purchaser is allowed to use the elements he purchased on the website for any graphic design needs, including designing products, and print and/or digital and web use. With the exception of selling the elements as a product or design in itself. The rights are given for any use by the purchaser, and without any time limi
  4. Use of the elements on websites, for any type of use, is limited to resolution of up to 72 dpi.
  5. Sale and / or transfer, free of charge and / or for a fee, of files in digital format, [including all existing formats; And such as PNG, PDF, etc.] that contain materials belonging to the company, are strictly prohibited, including for personal and non-commercial use.
  6. 10. Uploading files for presentation in a portfolio on an image site, and / or uploading to a forum for receiving an opinion, and / or sending a newsletter, is permitted. But in a size not to exceed 800 * 800 pixels, at a density of up to 72dpi only! However, the permission given for sending a newsletter and / or uploading it to the forum is if the image is embedded in the body of the newsletter / forum, and not as a file intended for free and / or paid download and distribution.
  7. The rights of use are granted only to the purchaser, for his or her own personal and/or commercial use. It is hereby clarified that the license for using elements is totally personal, and no permission whatsoever is granted to allow transfer to a third party, whether free of charge and/or in exchange for payment. Hence, it is prohibited to transfer elements free of charge and/or in exchange for payment to any third party whose name does not appear on the user license.
  8. The user rights apply to the body whose name appears on the user license, irrespective of the party making the purchase and/or making the payment and/or performing the actual downloads. Hence, a user who purchases elements for a third party – it is hereby clarified that the user rights belong to the third party for whom the elements were purchased, and the name and details of the third party will be noted on the user license.
  9. When purchasing packages, the package belongs to a single purchaser/ license holder. It is hereby clarified that there is no possibility of dividing the purchase of packages between several customers, in any manner at all.
  10. By purchasing elements on this website, you authorize the receipt of advertising materials and messages to your mailbox, both from the Chasidish-Plus website and from other advertisers who obtained the address through us.
  11. The website management will do everything in its power for the benefit of its clients, and provides the best possible service in the field. However, in cases of problems caused by a third party that prevent the customer from logging in and purchasing or downloading from the website, the website management will not be obligated to compensate the customer for any damage caused to him, whether direct and/or indirect damage.
  12. The website management may change the prices of the elements and packages displayed on the website at any given time, and this is in sole accordance with its own considerations. The website will have no obligation to provide advance notice about this to the customer.
  13. The original price of the elements and of all the other materials displayed on the website is NIS 1,500 per product. The actual prices displayed on the website are a benefit granted to our customers, subject to the proviso that they meet all the conditions of use for the products sold on the website. In the case of prohibited use of the product, not in accordance with the conditions of use defined here, or in the case of deviation from the usage rights sold to the customer, the product price will be the original price, and the customer hereby declares that he completely, incontrovertibly and without grounds for any exemption, commits himself or herself to these prices. In special cases, the Chasidish-Plus management will reserve its right to demand any further sum beyond that noted above, and this in sole accordance with its own considerations.
  14. The Chasidish-Plus management reserves the right to block a user who has been proven to use products displayed on the website in a way that negates the conditions of use appearing on this page, until clarification of the matter and an agreement being reached with the relevant bodies.


We've organized the elements into set kits.