Now everything is easier than ever!
Yes. Chasidish-Plus offers you a convenient payment schedule. We offer installments for purchasing packages only.

The elements are sent in a png format (no background), with a resolution of 300 dpi.
Sizes: Characters A5; Each character (elements) A3; Gateways and placards 70*50 | 100*70:
Some elements have non-standard dimensions – their exact size can be viewed on the product details page.

Payment on our website is by credit card only, with support for all types of cards.
Customers who wish to pay by bank transfer should contact our representative during our customer service hours, 17:00-23:00.

1. Check if you have logged in to your account on the website. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to make purchases with your package.
2. Check if the email address you provided when making the order is the same as the one you used to purchase the package.

Copy the credit card code you received after buying the package, from the email, and paste it in the “Coupon Code” box when making your order.

After making your purchase, you will be sent an email telling you how to order, and links for downloading the elements.
In addition, you can download the elements on your personal area page.

Purchasing on the website requires a one-time registration. Afterwards, you can make further purchases with the username and password with which you initially registered.

Yes. You can contact us to change the color. After the element appears on the website, you can purchase it in the usual way.

The sum credited to your account is the original, undiscounted value of the elements – in this way you will be able to purchase the number of elements that you are entitled to as part of the package you purchased.
For example: If you purchased a Business Package for NIS 2,420, you will be credited with purchase of 200 elements, with a value of NIS 11,000.
The credit you are given when buying the package will be NIS 11,000 for making purchases on the website.

It’s simple:
1. Add the elements that you wish to download to your shopping basket.
2. After you have finished filling your cart, go to the shopping cart at the top of the page.
3. Load your “member credit” in the cart, and continue with your purchase. You will receive an email with the download links later.
Good luck!


We've organized the elements into set kits.